We donated space blankets to help save human lives in Greece

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It weighs less than 100 grams but can help recover people who spent time in freezing cold. It costs only several zlotys but that amount really can work wonders. Kulczyk Foundation supports initiatives that make the world a better place. 32 thousand space blankets sent to the volunteers in Greece proved a success. Each of them was a chance to save someone’s health or in some cases even life of those escaping from the war in the Middle East.

Kulczyk Foundation is an international organization that supports inventive solutions. And the best solutions, that is the most efficient ones, are frequently the simplest ones. When a person running away from dangers, tired, hungry and soaked, go out to the land from the sea, they immediately get hypothermic. The reason being water evaporating from the surface of the skin, sweat and travel conditions. The only rescue is to isolate the body to prevent heat loss. The space blanket is 210 cm long and 160 cm and weights 62 grams. It is made of NRC foil and efficiently prevents the heat loss.

We saw that with our own eyes at the Greek island of Lesbos, when up to several hundred dinghies with migrants reached the shore of the island every day. Hadn’t it been for the space blankets and for the help of amazing volunteers, the first encounter with a new reality would have meant a tragedy for many of them. 

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