We supported the victims of the earthquake in Nepal (2015)


On Saturday, 25th of April 2015, in early hours of local time, Nepal was hit by an earthquake. The earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale and aftershocks over claimed the lives of 8 thousand people. In many parts of the country over 90% of buildings were ruined. As quickly as within 48 hours from the earthquake the PCPM’s rescue team was able to reach Nepal thanks to the support of Kulczyk Foundation. 

It was an enormous disaster to the population of Nepal that was left totally helpless and in need of instant help. Therefore, Kulczyk Foundation, as always, acted as swiftly as possible to support the mission of the PCPM’s rescue team.

PCPM’s Rescue Team is a rapid response team led by the Polish non-governmental organization. Its aim is to provide medical and humanitarian assistance to the persons affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Kulczyk Foundation provided funds to support the Rescue Team of PCPM. It achieved its operating capability in mid-April 2015 and was able to embark on the aid mission immediately.

On Saturday, 25th April, less than three hours after the earthquake occurred in Nepal, Dominika Kulczyk decided to provide additional support for PCPM’s Rescue Team. On Monday, 27th April, only 48 hours after the earthquake, the team of PCPM supported by Kulczyk Foundation, arrived in Katmandu. Two days later, a medical facility was opened in Melamchi. In mid-May the rescuers of PCPM’s team in Nepal were replaced by PCPM’s staff to provide transitional shelters to the affected persons in the valley of Melamchi. They built eight T-Shelters (transitional shelters), ten out of which were fully funded, and twenty co-funded by Kulczyk Foundation.

In the second half of May, Dominika Kulczyk went to Nepal to visit the first T-Shelter and prepare footage for a TVN’s TV program. The material was aired in June, supporting the social campaign led by PCPM #pomocdlanepalu (“aid for Nepal”). In the course of the campaign over 300 thousand zlotys were raised for the reconstruction of two villages at the valley of Melamchi. 

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In the district of Sindhupalchok in Nepal, over 90% were destroyed

In the district of Sindhupalchok, we provided funds for the construction of T-Shelters for 30 families

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