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Our history lessons have already made us familiar with the impressive culture of the Maya civilization, haven’t they? What is happening there nowadays? We will learn about it from Dominika Kulczyk in the new episode of “The Domino Effect”. This is a story about the once powerful community, which is now fighting with poverty and malnutrition. The President of the Kulczyk Foundation helps in a magical place, known as the Casa Guatemala!

Guatemala is a dense jungle as well as a colorful cultural mixture, full of traditions and rituals that have been followed for ages. Unfortunately, the conquest of these lands by the European people brought with it discrimination against the native community and its culture. Discrimination that is still taking place. Most of the ancestors of the Maya civilization – one of the most developed ancient civilizations – live below the poverty threshold, while their children are chronically malnourished and have a limited access to education.

In Guatemala, Dominika Kulczyk reaches out to an extraordinary place located in the jungle of the Izabal Department – the Casa Guatemala. This is where she meets Heather Graham, a Canadian woman who came here many years ago to spend three months volunteering, and then decided to stay here for good. It is a boarding school located by the Dulce river. Young Q'eqchi' Maya people, who were born in villages surrounded by a jungle, can attend a school and cultivate native traditions here. In the Casa Guatemala, apart from Q'eqchi' language, they learn Spanish and English.

The Maya people are extremely attached to their land. Plant cultivation is for most of them the major source of income. Therefore, Kulczyk Foundation supports the development of a farm run by the organization, and finances additional lessons on agriculture. Having learnt new skills, children often pass them on to their parents, as a result of which whole families can benefit from them.

This is a movie about whether one can find happiness and safety in the heart of the jungle. The answer to that question is provided by Filomena, an eighteen-year-old student of the Casa Guatemala, her father, Pedro, who has spent his whole life working on a farm, and her mother, Rosario, who speaks Q'eqchi' only. Can one be faithful to traditions and, at the same time, not be bound to live in poverty? Watch “The Domino Effect”...

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