We provide access to clean water in a village of HouiPhord


As over 35% of rural population in Laos have no access to clean water, they die of diseases which are not life-threatening in the Western world. Kulczyk Foundation donated funds to deliver a complex water and sanitary project that provides a solid system of providing and collecting clean water for over 500 residents of the village of HouiPhord. Under the project, sanitary facilities were provided in a local primary school. 

Inhabited by the people of Akha, HouiPhord is a village in Northern Laos, in Phongsaly province. It is the same province where Kulczyk Foundation provided funds for a medical project depicted in one of the episodes of the second season of the Domino Effect (which you can watch at: LINK TO THE PROJECT). Before the completion of the project, there was no access to clean water in HouiPhord. During dry seasons, they were running short of water, whereas during rainy seasons the water was of insufficient quality, threatening the local residents with diseases that are far from life-threatening in the West. Preparatory works prior to the project were initiated back in 2013, at the time of initial study visits. Representatives of Lao Rehabilitation Foundation and local authorities visited the village on several occasions in 2014, each time confirming the need for a water and sanitary project. The works were started in the second half of January 2015 and lasted for 21 days. Upon the completion of the project, 493 persons inhabited the village. Since 2015 they have received access to clean water.


LAO REHABILITATION FOUNDATION (LRF) is an American non-governmental organization that concentrates on providing medical assistance to the population of Laos, in particular to children and the excluded, especially from ethnic minorities. It was established in 2002 by Luc Janssens. His view on medical aid rendered by the organization is very wide in scope as he believes that the best one can do for maintaining good health is to provide nutritious and well-balanced food, access to clean water and sanitary facilities, decent place for living, education and health care centers. Consequently, LRF has been running a large range of projects, starting from water-oriented ones (e.g. the organization has its own equipment to build wells), through infrastructure-related projects, to mobile clinics. The founder of the organization has a Ph.D. degree in humanities. As part of the project called Home of Light, the organization has opened a school for blind children.

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The works lasted for 21 days

Almost 500 people inhabit the villageof HouiPhord

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