We helped expand the Challenging Heights School for children in danger of slavery

Republic of Ghana
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Challenging Heights is a local non-governmental organisation in Ghana protecting the rights of children endangered with various forms of slavery, preventing child trafficking, and rescuing enslaved children. The organisation’s key projects include the Challenging Heights School, the expansion of which will receive support from Kulczyk Foundation. 


Challenging Heights operates in the communities in seaside Ghana and helps women and children in danger of being exposed to various forms of slavery. The organisation believes that over 1.8 million young people, many under the age of 15, are forced into labour. James Kofi Annan, the founder and head of Challenging Heights, believes that the main reasons for this situation are poverty and the lack of appropriate education, which is why he suggested that we provide support to expanding the Scholl by three more grades, which will allow over 720 children to attend Challenging Heights School.

James Kofi Annan was sold to slavery when he was 6. He was the youngest child in a family where no one could read or write. He recalls that child slaves were rather common in Ghana during the time of his childhood. Between 6 and 13, he was forced to work hard as a fisherman.

James Kofi Annan escaped slavery when he was 13. He didn’t read or write at that time, but he understood that the most important thing was education. He made up his deficiencies and graduated not only from elementary and high school, but also college. He later worked in public series, including a bank, and operated a small business. He donated all his savings towards the opening the Challenging Heights organisation, which is helping children in Ghana since 2005. We are very happy to be able to help this wonderful man to help others.  

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Republic of Ghana

We provided support to a school in Sankor for children in danger of slavery

Challenging Heights School is attended by over 720 children

photo by: Challenging Heights

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