The Domino Effect’s Workshop was launched with an international debate

22 May 2018
Current events

- We need to look at the world’s problems by looking at the problems of individual people, and solve them together with these people. Helping others requires providing those in need with a freedom of choice, and thus it needs to be based on mutual respect and understanding. And these come into being only after meeting such people in person, not as a result of other people’s opinion about them. This is one of the conclusions of the participants of the first international debate organized by the Kulczyk Foundation, to participate in which Dominika Kulczyk invited world’s leading journalists. The debate inaugurated the Domino Effect’s Workshop.

- We live in paradoxical times, which have never been that good and that bad at the same time. We live in the world that is so well-organized and wealthy, at the same time being a home for over 3 billion of people having less than 2.5 dollars per day – said Lyse Doucet, the BBC’s Chief International Correspodent during the debate “How to fix the world where it has broken down”. The debate that took place on Tuesday (22 may 2018) inaugurated the activity of an extraordinary place on the map of Warsaw charity organizations – The Domino Effect’s Workshop. The Workshop is the center of Kulczyk Foundation’s social and educational activities, which are aimed to promote a dialogue, openness, and social sensitivity as the most important elements of modern charity programs.

- Help begins with a conversation – said Dominika Kulczyk, the President of the Kulczyk Foundation when inaugurating the Domino Effect’s Workshop. A dialogue, empathy, and understanding of modern charity programs’ elements. Promoting these values is the most crucial task of our dialogue – stated Dominia Kulczyk.

The Domino Effect’s Workshop will not only be the center of promoting openness and empathy, but – first and foremost – a place where debates on charity and aid projects will take place. The Workshop will also be a substantive base of Kulczyk Foundation’s activities and a center of integrating all areas of Kulczyk Foundaiton’s operations – aid, educational, and integrative programs.

At the Workshop, the Kulczyk Foundation will organize meetings, workshops, and debates related to the idea of help, as reflected in the domino effect. It will also provide a room, where teachers and educators teaching lessons on empathy and civic attitudes will meet, realizing the Kulczyk Foundation’s program “I know. I feel… I help!”. Additionally, the Workshop will also provide a place where the coordinators of the Kulczyk Foundation’s project “Yellow Plate”, thanks to which 12,170 children are provided with a warm meal every day, will meet in order to broaden their knowledge.

The first international debate organized by the Kulczyk Foundation at the Domino Effect’s Workshop was devoted to the issue of how to work out an effective model of an international aid, to fight mishandling women and children, and to wisely refer to the refugee issue. The answers to all these questions were provided by the world’s leading war correspondends: Francesca Borri, Lyse Doucet, and Joanie de Rijke.

All of them have been working in the world of dispatches from the frontline, at the very first line of providing help. They have often touched the world’s issues, witnessing a crisis in places in need all over the world. They personally got to know areas full of victims, the excluded and abandoned people. From their perspective, the key to help the world is to accept, intervene, and integrate. Only by starting the domino effect can we trigger the process of lasting changes.

- It needs to be kept in mind that humanitarian aid should support, not destroy the seeds of civic society, and should support the idea of volunteering – adds Michał Przedlacki, humanitarian organization’s expert, who chaired the debate together with Dominika Kulczyk.

The Domino Effect’s Workshop is located on Ogrodowa 3 Street in Warsaw. More information about the idea behind the Domino Effect’s Workshop, as well as the schedule of meetings and workshops can be found on the website

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