Bangladesh - The Domino Effect

15 April 2018
Domino effect

Cox’s Bazar… It used to be the largest touristic center in Bangladesh and the longest beach in the world – over 120 kilometers. Now – the largest refugee camp in the world. 880,000 of refugees have found shelter here so as to avoid genocide. Dominika Kulczyk has reached out to Cox’s Bazar in order to support the field hospital for woman and to show the stories of families escaping death.

Bangladesh is a country that faced a great challenge at the end of 2017. It had to take on around a million of the Rohingya people, who are said to be the most persecuted ethnic minority group in the world. They left the Rakhine state in Myanmar (formerly Burma) desperately looking for help. In the eyes of the law of Myanmar, they are not accepted as citizens and they have suffered from persecutions for many years now. Myanmar does not allow independent observers to enter Rakhine; yet, satellite photographs confirm that many villages have been burned there. The Rohingya people were leaving their homes in a hurry, saving themselves and their relatives. They are exhausted and frightened when they reach out to Cox’s Bazar.

Bangladesh opened its borders for these defenseless refugees and set up the currently largest refugee camp in the world in Cox’s Bazar. In this episode of “The Domino Effect”, Dominika Kulczyk will visit a local organization HOPE Foundation, which runs one of the largest systems of medical care for the refugees. In the camp, the foundation runs a field hospital for women, which is now supported by the Kulczyk Foundation, as well as numerous medical points, organizing the round-the-clock medical transport. Among hundreds of local workers, most of them specialize in looking after pregnant women as well as children. The doctors working there include both local volunteers and specialist from all over the world.

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