1.5 million meals and 10 million zlotys this year: Yellow Plate helps nourish Polish children!

4 February 2018
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We’ve made it! This month, the Yellow Plate program of the Kulczyk Foundation provided the 1.5 millionth meal since it was launched during the fall of 2016. What is more, in 2018, Dominika Kulczyk’s Foundation is going to spend another 10 million zlotys to help nourish children. – I would like to express my gratitude to wonderful people who organize meals for children in the places where the Yellow Plate program runs. It is together with such people that we can improve the everyday life of children – emphasizes Dominika Kulczyk.

The Yellow Plate program was launched in September 2016, and until August 2017, over a million children received a meal. Dominika Kulczyk then allocated 4 million zlotys for the program. – We have noticed the needs, and we have thus increased this amount. We see how valuable every single 1 zloty is, and, what is more, we are aware of how important it is to support nutrition projects, which are run by the government, local institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations – explains Dominika Kulczyk.

Since the very beginning, the program was aimed to introduce a new standard of nutrition projects which are financed from social funds, and which already run in school canteens and dayrooms for children. – We analyze the situation in any of the places that we support, and we look for the most effective solutions. We are aware of the fact that we deal with different types of nutrition, different realities, and different institutions, in which the nutrition program runs – says Marta Schmude-Olczak, the Managing Director of the Kulczyk Foundation.

The Yellow Plate program is unique also due to the fact that it is based on an agreement between different aid organizations in Poland. This year, the following institutions have been invited to the Kulczyk Foundation’s project: Caritas Diocese of Kielce, Caritas Diocese of Radom, Caritas Archdiocese of Katowice, Caritas Diocese of Torun, Caritas Archdiocese of Szczecin-Kaminsko, Caritas Diocese of Koszalin-Kolobrzeg, Caritas Diocese of Drohiczyn, Caritas Diocese of Warszawa-Praga, Caritas Archdiocese of Cracow, Caritas Diocese of Swidnica, Caritas Archdiocese of Poznan, Caritas Archdiocese of Gniezno, Polish Red Cross, Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci, SOS Children’s Villages, as well as local Food Banks of Silesia, Wroclaw, and Gorzow Wielkopolski. It is also mentored by the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences (Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW), and is under the honorary patronage of the Ombudsperson for Children. – In 254 places all over Poland we now nourish 10,362 children. This year brings another challenge for the Yellow Plate program, as we are preparing a kitchen and meeting place in Warsaw – explains Marta Schmude-Olczak.

A website devoted to the Yellow Plate program: www.zoltytalerz.pl.

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