Money for the helpline tailored to children who have been subject to violence.

24 October 2017
Current events

Thanks to the support of Kulczyk Foundation and Ludzki Gest Jakub Błaszczykowski Foundation, the Helpline for Children and Teenagers (116 111) will now be open round the clock.

-I’m very grateful to everyone who has bought our CD “Mądre bajki z całego świata”. The proceeds from the sale have reached children, who – as I hope – will have finally proper conditions to lead a happy life. And to enjoy the fairy tales, to enjoy their lives – says Dominika Kulczyk. The two foundations will fund a night-time service of the Helpline for Children and Teenagers (116 111) in year 2018, within the most crucial hours – from 8 pm to 2 am. It will cost 420,000 PLN.

The Helpline 116 111 is run by the Foundation “Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę”. The statistics are impressive. In 2016, there were 117,571 phone calls from children, specialists replied to 6,359 online messages, and had 709 chat talks on how to be safe online. In 116 cases, their activity led to interventions aimed to safe a child’s life or health!

-It’s just not right that the founders of the Helpline need to fight for its existence and are afraid that the Helpline will go off in the very moment of a phone call from a child fighting for their lives. A wise piece of advice, a warm word can save someone – says Dominika Kulczyk, the President of Kulczyk Foundation. – That’s why I’m very grateful to Kuba and his Foundation for joining our project with no hesitation.

The total amount of 420,000 PLN comes from: the proceeds from the sale of the CD with fairy tales (142,390 PLN). Another 125,000 PLN comes from the support of Autostrada Eksploatacja and Autostrada Wielkopolska. The left amount of 152,610 PLN has been funded by Ludzki Gest Jakub Błaszczykowski Foundation and Kulczyk Foundation.

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