A competition for Dr. Jan Kulczyk scholarship

25 October 2017

The scholarships are granted to students as well as PhD candidates of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań for excellent academic, research, and organizational achievements. A financial situation of a candidate is also taken into account.

Documents which candidates are required to submit include:
1. an application letter,
2. a CV with a photo of a candidate (no more than 2 pages A4),
3. an application form (attached),
4. a consent form for the processing of one’s personal data (attached).

Candidates are kindly asked to submit their documents at the Dean’s Office of their Faculty (the deadline should be specified by each Faculty). Deans, after their preliminary selection, provide the Chapter of Dr. Jan Kulczyk scholarship with the documents of the selected candidates as well as their opinions about them before 21 November (no more than 2 students and 2 PhD candidates should be selected).

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