We will not raise our children to be good people without empathy

Olympic Center
15 November 2016

“We are the world. We are its part and we have common problems. We must talk to our children about other people, about their needs, to make ‘strangers’ familiar. People must be mutually responsible,” says Kulczyk Foundation President Dominika Kulczyk, the organizer of the special Expert Forum sponsored by UNICEF Poland and the Commissioner for Children’s Rights at the Olympic Center in Warsaw. What made it special was the fact that it was dedicated entirely to empathy.

The ‘I know. I feel... I help! Empathy at school’ Expert Forum for teachers and educators, which was launched this year, is an important part of Kulczyk Foundation’s educational strategy. “We are talking with the people in attendance and invited guests about the importance of empathy in child development. Teachers will soon receive inspiration for classes with children and youth prepared by experts through a program of the same name: ‘I know. I feel... I help!’ It includes 16 lesson plans focused on empathy, the importance of education, and global problems, 8 for students aged 9-12 and 8 for students aged 13-16. The signups are already open. We will be sending free lesson plans to all willing teachers and educators,” explains Kulczyk Foundation Managing Director Marta Schmude-Olczak.

The special guests of the Expert Forum included Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Marek Michalak; the Director General of UNICEF Poland, Marek Krupiński; and the Artistic Director of the National Theatre, Jan Englert, who discussed the importance of dialogue as the foundation of human understanding. The last item on the Forum’s agenda was a meeting with Nigisti Gebreslassie Abreha, the founder of Yenege Tesfa (Hope for Tomorrow) - Breaking the Cycle. The organization’s ventures include 6 homes in Ethiopia for over 80 children, including a shelter for girls who are orphans, from poor families, or victims of violence.

You can find all details about the conference at www.wiemczujepomagam.pl. Kulczyk Foundation has also opened registration for the free ‘I know. I feel... I help!’ lesson plans. The notebooks with the plans include a multimedia CD. The plans can be ordered as follows:
By e-mail to edukacja@kulczykfoundation.org.pl. Please enter the word ‘Plans’ and your first and last name as the subject.
When you receive a response, please click on the link and fill out the order form.

Now, the only thing left is to wait for the free package to arrive!

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