Ukraine – the Domino Effect

17 April 2016
Domino effect

This country badly craves normality, and yet it is still debilitated by war. Ukraine: our neighbour whose tragedy has unfolded before the eyes of the world. Already, the world’s attention has shifted to other topics and places. This episode of ‘The Domino Effect’ is especially touching. Dominika Kulczyk meets Elina, whose husband was killed in combat, as well as Leonid, who used to fight in Donbas.
The episode shares stories that leave some hope for the restoration of peace and security in the future for Ukraine. Pizza Veterano is a social enterprise established, as the name itself suggests, by war veterans. The point is to provide jobs for the families of war victims, and at the same time to provide delicious food for the wounded treated in hospitals, who receive the food for free as an expression of solidarity among those who have shared the same fate. Kulczyk Foundation, an international organization, purchased a mobile kitchen for Pizza Veterano, which will allow Leonid, one of the subjects of the episode, to sell more pizzas.

But there is also a Polish angle to the episode, a crucial one, since civilians who fled the war zone reside in a Caritas centre located in Rybaki, Poland. These are families with children who hope that one day their exile will end. Kulczyk Foundation has funded a beautiful playground for the children living in the Rybaki center.

We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-8,ukraina,S03E08,60138.html

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