The winners of the helping contest!

24 June 2016

Competing to help others? Is that even possible? It is, and it’s important, because it is about giving children the will to be responsible and sensitive. The winners of the Grand ‘Global Education – The Domino Effect’ Contest have just received great prizes for their movies and presentations about original aid campaigns: iPads and printers. The contest was organized by Kulczyk Foundation.

First prize went to the film ‘You Just Have to Want It (Wystarczy tylko chcieć)’ by a group from Kazimierz Jagiellończyk Middle School No. 1 in Człuchów, while the audience award went to ‘We Help – We Don’t Mess Around’ by a group from Middle School No. 1 in Sosnowiec. All members of the winning groups and their supervising teachers received iPads and the schools received coupons for educational aids and printers. The supervising teachers will also attend a special course.

Besides the winners, the following films were nominated for the contest: ‘Don’t Be Indifferent to the Fate of Others’ (Irena Sendler TAK School Complex), ‘Can we? We can!’ (Council of Europe Middle School in Kostrzyn), ‘By Helping Others We Help Ourselves’ (Middle School No. 5 of the School Complex with Sports Divisions No. 1 in Poznań), ‘Little Heroes – a Social Program Teaching Children How to Help’ (Elementary School No. 9 in Legnica), ‘Taming the Aid Campaign’ (Catholic Middle School in Sieradz), ‘Helping Connects People’ (Polish Nobel Laureates Middle School No. 3), ‘The Domino Effect – You Can Help Just By Smiling’ (Elementary School No. 1 in Sulechów), and ‘Our Mission – Journey to Goodland’ (Elementary School No. 61 in Gdańsk). Schools with a group in the finals received printers and the teachers coordinating the projects were invited to attend a course organized by Kulczyk Foundation.

“One day, our school got news about the ‘Global Education – The Domino Effect’ Contest and the opportunity to win attractive prizes. Back then, none of the students expected the enormous positive impact that they experienced because of Marrow Donor Day,” explains Grażyna Jażdżewska, the homeroom teacher of the class from Człuchów. “The proof – which may be surprising coming from such young people – is in what they said after the campaign. They said: ‘Teacher, it doesn’t matter whether we win or not. We’re already winners. We have registered 127 potential donors who could give a chance for a new life to as many as 127 patients. This is the biggest and most important prize.’”

“We intentionally invited sponsors who would provide prizes that supported creative education. We used the contest to show how important it is to express our own ideas and appropriately present our work, which builds social capital around what we do. We hope that the concept of helping we injected in these young people will stay with them for good and that they will carry it out in many wonderful projects,” says Kulczyk Foundation Managing Director Marta Schmude-Olczak.

“It is very important to support digital competencies in children, especially in today’s modern, very demanding world,” says iSpot Apple Premium Reseller Managing Director Tomasz Nawrocki. “I believe that smart teaching with innovative technologies provides a better start for the future, develops self-reliance and creativity, and helps teachers be more effective in their work with students. We have given iPads to the winners of ‘The Domino Effect’ project, but our main objective is to ensure schools and their future educational strategies include technology. I know that such investments pay dividends and I am eagerly awaiting the results of the cooperation.

The rewards are sponsored by SAD Sp. z o.o., JTC, and Kulczyk Foundation. You will find all information about the partners on the contest’s website at

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