The reading room in Książnica Płocka is now like new!

9 March 2016
Current events

Książnica Płocka is another library selected in the ‘CSR - dziesięć na dziesięć (CSR – ten out of ten)’ contest organized by PEKAES in cooperation with Kulczyk Foundation and

The Main Reading Room is located in a beautiful, 100-plus-year-old building with a view of the Vistula River and had been in need of renovation for quite some time. According to Książnica director Ms. Joanna Banasiak, the victory served as the stimulus to pursue more funds for the extensive renovation of the reading room, storage space, and offices. It was a success thanks to the support of the local authorities and the involvement of all of the library’s employees and even its visitors. The reading room is now beautiful and the library wants to thank everyone for their votes and help by organizing plenty of attractions for its visitors, including longer working hours and the magical ‘Nights at the Library.’
Książnica Płocka took third place in our contest, which was announced in 2014. Thanks to the activity of the local community, libraries had the opportunity to get PLN 10,000 for renovations. Internet users voted on the dedicated contest website at

Książnica received over 8,000 votes.
150 libraries from all over the country took part in the contest. Five have already been renovated and the other winners of the contest of PEKAES,, and Kulczyk Foundation will soon follow. We can’t wait.

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