Thailand – the Domino Effect

20 March 2016
Domino effect

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Visited by over 20 million tourists a year, it is known for its exotic nature, original cuisine, and rich culture, but also, sadly, for child prostitution. Children involved must be saved before they reach bottom. Kulczyk Foundation, an international organization, has been supporting those who sacrifice everything to combat this evil.

Most of us know only TV snapshots of Thailand. Irrespective of the development the country has seen in the recent decades, the majority of the population still lives very humble lives. This is true especially in the case of ethnic minorities and illegal migrants. That is why these groups in particular are frequently victims of human trafficking or forced labor.

Fortunately, people like Sompopa Jantraka, the founder of an organization called the Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities (DEPDC), are there to fight against child exploitation and prostitution. In the newest episode of ‘The Domino Effect’, we will visit a local shelter and school together with Dominika Kulczyk. Kulczyk Foundation will provide funding for an irrigation system and the renovation and furnishing of buildings, among other investments.

We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-5,depdc-tajlandia,S03E05,60135.html

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