Poland (Rak’n’Roll) – the Domino Effect

13 March 2016
Domino effect

What is it like to fight for one’s own life, while at the same time carrying a new, unborn life in one’s womb? We would hope for no woman to ever have to answer this question. And yet, some must. About 300 Polish women diagnosed with cancer every year are pregnant. Kulczyk Foundation, an international organization headed by Dominika Kulczyk, is helping to renovate an outpatient clinic for these wonderful, strong-willed women!

Another episode of the ‘The Domino Effect’ tells the story of five women and one man – of normal women put to the test by their fate and of a doctor who is not afraid to give them hope. Only a few oncology centers administer chemotherapy to expectant mothers out of fear of damaging the fetus. And yet only starting treatment immediately gives them a good chance of regaining their health. It results in so many future mothers having to make a dramatic choice: either pregnancy or treatment.

The Rak’n’Roll foundation, founded by Magda Prokopowicz, one of the subjects of this episode, has been trying to change this way of thinking for 7 years. In cooperation with several oncology centres, they campaign to convince both doctors and patients that chemotherapy does not preclude a healthy pregnancy.

This episode will introduce viewers to the Rak’n’Roll foundation and the people who have benefited from what it does. We will listen to women whose doctors had suggested sacrificing the life of their unborn children for the sake of their own health. Many important words were exchanged in the conversation between Dominika Kulczyk and Doctor Jerzy Giermek. For 21 years, Doctor Giermek has been achieving therapeutic outcomes deemed quite unbelievable by many experts.

We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at: http://player.pl/programy-online/efekt-domina-odcinki,1991/odcinek-4,boskie-matki,S03E04,60134.html

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