Panama – the Domino Effect

11:00 tvn
10 April 2016
Domino effect

Dominika Kulczyk presents the story of an ingenious idea. Floating Doctors is a hospital on a boat helmed by the charismatic Doctor Ben. His hospital brings help to those who have no other access to healthcare. The latest episode of ‘The Domino Effect’ features Panama, where Kulczyk Foundation has helped Doctor Ben in the pursuit of his extraordinary endeavor.

The story of Doctor Ben and his Floating Doctors sounds like a tale of superheroes. He claims he was able to swim before he learned to walk. Today, he is both an internist and a marine biologist. The founder of Floating Doctors started volunteering in Africa and Asia as a university student. There, he understood what it meant to have no access to healthcare. One day, he was asked for help by a group of the San people. At that point he only had first-aid kit on him, and as many as 200 patients who had queued up in front of him. He quickly ran short of medication. This led Doctor Ben to one conclusion: if people are not able to get to a hospital, the hospital should come to them. He established a mobile clinic on a boat which can transport up to several tons of medication and medical equipment.

During a cruise across the Caribbean it turned out that the “moving hospital” should dock for a longer period in Panama. This is where Doctor Ben met up with Dominika Kulczyk, head of an international organization called Kulczyk Foundation, which supports these types of initiatives across the world. We kindly invite you to view this episode at:,1991/odcinek-7,doktor-ben,S03E07,60137.html

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