Malawi – The Domino Effect

TVN, 11:00
21 February 2016
Domino effect

Back in 2008, as many as 10 people would die here every hour, 24 hours a day. Hundreds and even thousands of Malawians were dying of AIDS, leaving their children as orphans. It was therefore so crucial to fight for the survival of those children. And survive they did, growing up and understand that this infection can be avoided. Kulczyk Foundation, an international organization led by Dominika Kulczyk, helps to provide good living conditions to the youngest Malawians. 

Malawi is one of the inglorious group of ten states with the highest mortality due to AIDS. In this little country, many people are not even aware they are infected. Unknowingly, they spread the virus to others. As a result, Malawi has a high share of a frightening statistic. Each day over 7,000 people in the world contract the HIV virus, while about 5,000 die because of AIDS-related diseases.

When parents pass away in Malawi, they leave behind children who are also infected with the deadly virus. Fortunately, the state has introduced more diagnostic programs and free treatment. Gradually, people are changing their mentality but the deadly brunt borne by the previous generation will never be atoned for.

In the episode, you will get to know a 16-year-old boy, John Samson, who lost both parents at the age of 5. They died of AIDS. For many years, John was homeless and suffered from AIDS. He had to fight for medication himself. And he wanted to live so badly. Like a normal child!

Today he is a pupil at a school for orphans run by the Jacaranda Foundation, led by the amazing married couple of Mary and Luc. At school, the children’s dreams come true, and trauma is left at the school’s doorstep. Kulczyk Foundation funded a renovation of a building for a future bakery for the vocational school. The school is run as part of a free education system by the Jacaranda Foundation. The meeting between Dominika Kulczyk and the pupils was indeed a moving event.

We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-1,malawi-dzien-w-ktorym-mialem-najlepsze-ubranie,S03E01,58773.html

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