Kulczyk Foundation Award goes to the creators of ‘Strange Heaven’

8 May 2016
Current events

‘Strange Heaven’ – a shocking movie about a fight for a child and the terror of the state towards a human being, who is forced by the state to live under heartless rules. On Saturday, Dominika Kulczyk presented the movie’s creators with a check for PLN 300,000 as part of Kulczyk Foundation Award for the Polish Feature Films Contest at the 9th Netia OFF CAMERA festival in Kraków. “You are the ambassadors of freedom,” the benefactor declared.

This is the first-ever Kulczyk Foundation Award for the director and producer of the best Polish film. Director and producer Dariusz Gajewski and producer Jakub Kosma received it during the Saturday gala of the International Independent Film Festival. “There was a lot of talk about independence. We live in times when that is not an easy thing. And I think that this film is about it,” said Dariusz Gajewski, as he accepted the award.

“Art is freedom. Art is truth. There are no good films without freedom, truth, and rebellious ideas. Smarzowski’s ‘The Dark House’ tells the truth about humans; ‘Interrogation’ with Krystyna Janda tells the truth about terror. These people had the courage! Dear artists, dear creators of independent cinema, draw inspiration from their courage. You are the gods of mass imagination, you stimulate awareness, you change reality, you create history, and you are watched by millions. Including over 200,000 of those who boldly said today: we are and will continue to be a part of Europe, we are a part of the world. You and your rebellious, real, independent films are the best ambassadors of art and freedom,” Dominika Kulczyk said during her speech.
‘Strange Heaven’ tells the story of Polish emigrants in Sweden. Due to miscommunications and lies, authorities want to take away their child and give it up for adoption. There is a dramatic battle to keep their family together.

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