International recognition for the Domino Effect!

7 April 2016
Domino effect

“We have created this series to make as many people as possible feel the need to act for the benefit of others. This is why it is so crucial that the world has noticed our efforts,” says Dominika Kulczyk, President of Kulczyk Foundation. An episode of her documentary series, ‘The Domino Effect,’ broadcast by TVN has been recognized at the prestigious Best Shorts Competition.

The jury recognized the episode entitled ‘Ethiopia. Doomed to Get Married’, which aired in 2015. The episode received the Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Short. It tells the story of girls who are married off to much older men before they become adult women. To avoid this fate, they escape from their homes. We also meet those who are helping them. “We, Kulczyk Foundation, help them help. In different parts of the world, including Poland, we identify organizations that can make real change in the lives of others. Because it all begins with people,” explained Dominika Kulczyk.

This year, we have been shooting the third season of ‘The Domino Effect’ TV series. Next Sunday at 11 AM, you can watch the episode shot in Panama and, on the following Sunday at the same time, an episode devoted to Ukraine and Poland, all broadcast on TVN.

The goal of Kulczyk Foundation is to build permanent mechanisms that change the environment and involve local communities. “We streamline our procedures for running efficient business as they can form the basis for effective social initiatives in the domain of non-governmental work,” explained Dominika Kulczyk.

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