I know. I feel... I help – visit our forum!

Olympic Center
7 November 2016

On 14 November, the Olympic Center at ul. Wybrzeże Gdyńskie 4 in Warsaw will host the Expert Forum for teachers entitled ‘I know. I feel... I help! Empathy at school’ sponsored by the Commissioner for Children’s Rights and UNICEF Poland. The guests of the Forum will have the opportunity to meet with the Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Marek Michalak; the Director General of UNICEF Poland, Marek Krupiński; the Artistic Director of the National Theater, Jan Englert; and the President of Kulczyk Foundation, Dominika Kulczyk.

The Forum is associated with the nationwide educational program of Kulczyk Foundation, which is focused on the most important virtues in raising children. You can register free of charge at www.wiemczujepomagam.pl. ‘I know. I feel... I help!’ is the name of not only the Expert Forum, but also of the educational program for elementary and middle schools. ‘Our program used to be called ‘Global Education – The Domino Effect’, but we want to use the new name to emphasize our main objective: to make people aware that caring for others on different continents, but even more so on nearby streets or in other municipalities, is a good thing,” say the representatives of Kulczyk Foundation.

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