Golden Globe Award for the Domino Effect in Hamburg!

12 May 2016
Domino effect

It is a great award for the Polish program that shows how even the most distant parts of the world can be important to us. On Wednesday, a festive gala took place, during which the Golden Globe was awarded to Dominika Kulczyk. Her program, ‘The Domino Effect,’ was recognized in the category of Human Relations and Values during the World Media Festival Hamburg.

The episode recognized in Hamburg was entitled ‘Ethiopia: Doomed to Get Married’. “I always admired Oriana Fallaci for what she said about the world, why she was changing it. Also because she believed that the truth was significant. This is why ‘The Domino Effect’ has been created: to tell the truth and to change the world. To show solidarity with the people and places who need it. Like Ukraine. I am a Pole myself, and so solidarity has a great meaning to me. Let us be authentic and show solidarity. I thank all those who live this way,” said Dominika Kulczyk just after the announcement of the jury’s decision.

The episode ‘Ethiopia: Doomed to Get Married’ aired last year. It tells the story of girls who are married off to much older men before they have become adult women. To avoid this fate, they escape from their homes. In the episode, we also meet people who are helping these children.

‘The Domino Effect’ program also won the Gold Plaque in the category Documentary: Social/Political at the Chicago International Film Festival and an Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Short at the Best Shorts Competition.

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