Dominika Kulczyk: Why we should invest in Polish cinema

6 May 2016
Current events

For the first time this year, first prize in the Polish Feature Films Contest at the 9th Netia OFF CAMERA festival in Kraków will be known as Kulczyk Foundation Award. I am very honored to be the head of this social organization. Most Polish films touch upon difficult social issues and I see them from the perspective of a social investment. And this is what our Foundation does: it uses the assistance provided to build social change.

The films, especially the most moving ones, realistically transform the awareness of hundreds of thousands of people. And this is the first important step towards positive change. When you think differently, you act differently. Polish society is facing the great challenge of trying to break the impasse of unfortunately weak interpersonal bonds and low mutual trust. There is talk of a social crisis, atomization, progressing division, but it is really all about finding something common to unite us.

Films are the product of the work of multiple artists but they are mainly the products of the director and the producer. It is thanks to them that cinema has the opportunity to make people more aware. For this reason, the PLN 300,000 prize goes to an independent director and producer. We should treat independent artists subjectively and invest in their development in various ways. The most important thing is the human being – the one who started the change and the one that will reap the benefits.

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