Dominika Kulczyk recalls the message of her father

1 July 2016
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“The special moments like this evening, the times spent together, the places like the Jewish Museum, which serve as compasses of morality,’ said Dominika Kulczyk. She and her children were guests at the First Annual Jan Kulczyk Memorial Concert, which was held at the Tempel Synagogue during the Festival of Jewish Culture in Kraków. Friday evening also included a performance of the famous Israeli band Diwan Saz.

“Dominika is a courageous lady. She is trying to change the world wherever such change is needed,” stated Tad Taube, the head of the Taube Center Foundation. Before the concert, he and the Foundation’s executive director, Shana Penn, handed out the Irena Sendler Awards, which went to Professor Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska for her invaluable contributions to teaching and writing about Jewish literature and Yiddish, and to Maria Piechotka, who took part in the Warsaw Uprising and started her work on the preservation of the architectural details of the destroyed buildings in 1944 with a particular focus on wooden synagogues. Last year, the award went posthumously to Jan Kulczyk.

“These are places that teach, situations that teach us that you cannot take shortcuts to find happiness or love. You need tolerance, respect, and forgiveness. These are my father’s words. I am very moved and grateful,” Dominika Kulczyk said in her address thanking the organizers for the concert. Her speech referred to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which her late father was a faithful patron of.

The concert was held under the honorary auspices of Taube Philanthropies. You can find all information concerning the Festival of Jewish Culture in Kraków at

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