Dominika Kulczyk has handed out the Jan Kulczyk Scholarships

21 March 2016
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These eight people may do quite a lot for us in the future because their passion for science has no limits! “Our dad always encouraged us to think outside of the box and take positive action. My brother and I decided that our scholarship program will bear his name from this year onwards,” says Dominika Kulczyk. On Monday afternoon, she visited Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań to hand out the Jan Kulczyk Scholarships.

This is the XVII edition of the scholarship. “My dad always said that the world belongs to the bold, those who first jump into the abyss and then build their wings. He also said that brilliance is based not on more knowledge but rather on early knowledge. Science is the key to building your wings in advance. My dad believed in people. He believed in wise and educated people,” said Dominika Kulczyk, the President of Kulczyk Foundation and member of Kulczyk Investments supervisory board, at the Lubrański Auditorium.
This year’s scholarship beneficiaries are undergraduate students: Michał Brzozowski – Faculty of Biology, Kamil Przybyszewski – Faculty of Chemistry, Maja Maćkowiak ̶ Faculty of Polish and Classic Philology, Hanna Wiczanowska ̶ Faculty of Law and Administration; and doctoral students: Paweł Korpal, MSc – Faculty of English Language, Michał Antoszczak, MSc – Faculty of Chemistry, Witold Gospodarczyk, MSc – Faculty of Physics, and Mateusz Taszarek, MSc ̶ Faculty of Geography and Geology.

“The motto of Kulczyk Foundation is: We invest our actions in good changes. Because the most important thing is the human being. The young people who received the scholarships have demonstrated scientific engagement, which is a sign of the good changes to come,” Dominika Kulczyk explains.
The scholarship program is coordinated by Jan Kulczyk Scholarship Capital; after initial selection of the departments, the deans of the individual faculties send recommendations with their assessments (no more than two student and two doctoral student applications per faculty). The scholarships are granted to the students and doctoral students of the Adam Mickiewicz University for academic excellence, exceptional scientific accomplishments, and activity for the benefit of the University. They also recognize the difficult financial situations of the candidates.

Since 1999, the Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation has been successfully administering the scholarship fund established on the donation of Grażyna and Jan Kulczyk in 1998. Thus far, 80 scholarships have been granted to undergraduate students and 68 to doctoral students, with total value of almost PLN 1.6 million. This is the oldest scholarship program of the Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation and is carried out together with Kulczyk Foundation.

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