Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk have joined the campaign of Polish Olympic medalist to save a boy with a tumor

23 August 2016

Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk responded to Piotr Małachowski’s appeal and will provide the final amount needed to pay for the operation by buying the medal of the Polish Olympian, which was put up for a charity auction.

“I competed for the gold in Rio. Now, I am appealing to everyone to join a fight for something much more important: the health of this wonderful little boy,” wrote top Polish discus thrower and silver medalist at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Piotr Małachowski on Facebook. The boy is three-year-old Olek. He suffers from retinoblastoma, a malignant eye tumor. There was still over PLN 180,000 left to cover the cost of the operation in the United States. Piotr Małachowski put up his medal on a charity auction on Allegro and there was a simultaneous fundraiser on

On Tuesday afternoon, Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk offered to cover the needed amount. Our Olympian gave away something which he fought for with all his might to save a child. We responded in the only possible way,” says Dominika Kulczyk. “I have tremendous respect for everyone who bid on the auction and donated to the fundraiser for the operation. Little Olek has wonderful and proven friends who should give him and his family strength in the fight against his disease.”

“I want to thank everyone who placed a bid on Allegro and everyone who contributed in any way to the #‎OcalicOkoOlka (#SaveOleksEye) campaign. We showed that together we can do wonders. My silver medal is now worth a lot more than it was last week. It’s worth the life and health of little Olek. That is a tremendous success for all of us,” Piotr Małachowski wrote on Facebook.

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