A room to help children deal with the worst things in their lives

19 February 2016
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The shelves are shaped like tree branches, full of books – especially books which fill children up with positive emotions and spark their imagination. The warm colors, soft seats, and everything else in the room serve as a shield to protect kids from the hardest news in their lives – the death of their loved ones. There will be a new room opened on 19 February in the Palium Hospice at Os. Rusa 55 in Poznań, which is aimed at helping children at least a little bit in the hardest times of their lives.

“We analyzed the numerous fantastic and moving applications received by the Zaczytani.org foundation, which establishes libraries in places like hospitals and hospices. The Foundation pointed out that there was a big need for something along the lines of this room. Kulczyk Foundation proposed that it would fund the first such venture in Poland at the Palium Hospice in Poznań,” says Kulczyk Foundation Managing Director Marta Schmude-Olczak.

“Coping with the death of someone close is hard even for adults, so imagine how hard it must be for children. From one day to the next, they lose their sense of security, stability, and of the everyday presence of dad or mom,” explains Dr. Katarzyna Stachnik of the Palium Hospice.

“The creation of a safe, friendly, and fairytale-like therapy room for orphaned children gives them a chance to take at least a short break from that harsh reality. They can meet people who understand what they feel, who know how to figure out their individual needs. This is a place for experiencing sadness, anger, guilt, and many other emotions associated with the loss of someone close. This space lets them still be children. They can learn how to keep living here. No one will impose any kind of behavior related to mourning. And they will find some relief when they meet other children in similar situations.

The room’s project was designed by the well-known architect Magdalena Filcek.

“The idea was born from a wise approach to actual needs. The key thing is the objective: rescuing one’s mind and feelings, helping make that hardest step in life. I want to ask all kind-hearted people to help create rooms like this everywhere they are needed!

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