‘Żółty Talerz (Yellow Plate)’

30 September 2016
Current events

“I really want the situation of Polish children to get better,” said the head of Kulczyk Foundation, Dominika Kulczyk, on Thursday afternoon. Together with her brother, Sebastian Kulczyk, she presented her latest social project, which was co-prepared with the five biggest Polish children’s aid organizations.

“‘Żółty Talerz (Yellow Plate)’ is a social investment that will produce a specific social benefit. My brother and I have given PLN 4 million to the program to reach a total of 1 million full-quality meals to children within 12 months. ‘Żółty Talerz’ has four strategic objectives and each one benefits those who we are fighting for,” says Dominika Kulczyk.

These objectives include more meals, better quality and higher intensity meals, and the activation of local communities around the cafeterias. Caritas, Food Banks, the Children's Friends Society, the Polish Red Cross, and SOS Children’s Villages will all utilize their experiences to move in this direction. “The program has certain objectives, but it also has measures to ensure its effectiveness. We want all the money to turn into gains for specific children. We are active in the place where the children sit down to have their meals,” notes Marek Borowski, Kulczyk Foundation’s expert on the ‘Żółty Talerz’ program.

The program initiated by Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk is intended to support additional nourishment for Polish children. “The enormous amount of money and the generosity of many people are what distinguish the system in our country. Non-governmental organizations get involved and find solutions in areas where they are most needed. This makes us all play for the same team,” explains Marek Borowski.

“Żółty Talerz is a union of organizations that is unique on the national scale. If we all care about our children eating regular and healthy meals, every child will receive a full-value dinner! Let’s do it together,” encourages Dominika Kulczyk.

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