Zambia – The Domino Effect

TVN, 11:00
31 May 2015
Domino effect

Zambia is one of the poorest countries of the world. Over half of its population lives below the poverty line. In most cases, they have no knowledge of how to grow crops and are unable to make a living from agriculture. Therefore, many Zambians resort to poaching and burning charcoal. As a result, hundreds of hectares of jungle have been cut down, and thousands of wild animals killed. Over 85% of Zambia’s residents are uneducated farmers who together account for only 15% of the national income. Between the ’70s and the ’80s, poachers killed over 100,000 African elephants in the Luangwa Valley, leading to the near extinction of this species in the region. We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-8,S02E08,50666.html

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