Togo – The Domino Effect

13 April 2014
Domino effect

VZW BISZ is a Belgian non-governmental organization that offers aid to developing countries. As part of a project called Solar without Borders, it reaches out to places lacking electricity, where it installs solar kiosks to provide villages, hospitals, schools and orphanages with access to energy.

Kulczyk Foundation is providing funding for the construction of two solar kiosks, including the one featured in the program in the village of Bodje, Togo. Solar panels will be installed on each kiosk, ensuring the local community receives access to electrical energy. It is of great value for the organization to involve the community in the completion of projects as it strengthens the relationships between them, motivates them and helps them identify with and feel ownership of the project. We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-7,togo,S01E07,28749.html

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