The Domino Effect - Season 2

12 April 2015
Domino effect

‘The Domino Effect’ draws the audience’s attention to problems faced by the most disadvantaged, both in Poland and abroad. The idea behind the program is not only to make us more sensitive to those problems, but also to encourage us to help those in need. It presents several aid campaigns out of the dozens organized yearly by Kulczyk Foundation. Each of them features infrastructure-related activities. The new infrastructure will serve the subjects in each film for years to come.

In an in-depth, and yet unobtrusive, manner, ‘The Domino Effect’ tells the stories of adults and children, demonstrating their strength in the face of problems that most of us will never have to confront. The lack of medical assistance, schools, water, food, or electricity and the constant sense of insecurity experienced by millions of women and children worldwide is an everyday reality for them, but quite inconceivable to us.

The next season of ‘The Domino Effect’ will also feature episodes shot in Poland. Viewers will have the opportunity to get to know Gajusz, who does not let children die lonely. Dominika Kulczyk will also present the stories of children working in Bangladesh, young residents of children’s homes in Romania and an issue in Zambia in which aid is used to professionally activate residents and make them quit poaching in national parks for good. In cooperation with local non-governmental organizations, the Foundation directed by Dominika will prove that even a little help can set in motion a series of positive, real changes in the lives of whole communities.

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