The Domino Effect protects sick children!

21 September 2015

The sound of the beating heart of a child is the most important sound in the world. It is the sound of the life that can be saved in children with heart conditions. Kulczyk Foundation has donated PLN 144,276.21 to the Radio ZET Foundation for the purchase of cardiac monitors for the young patients at the Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Łódź. Autostrada Wielkopolska SA and Autostrada Eksploatacja SA also helped a lot by donating a total of PLN 50,000.

And it all started with the Domino Effect. The Fairytale Domino Effect! Kulczyk Foundation and the Radio ZET Foundation released a beautiful educational book and CD entitled ‘The Fairytale Domino Effect’, which includes stories from Poland and other countries throughout the world. “This is how the domino effect works. Kulczyk Foundation provides aid in places where the situation is truly tragic. Unfortunately, there are many places in the world where people are fighting hunger and lacking safety. Children living in such conditions can only feel happy and safe in their dreams, in the land of fairytales and stories. Everyone who buys ‘The Fairytale Domino Effect’ helps the Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital Research Institute buy medical equipment. We want to thank everyone who is trying to fix the world,” says Dominika Kulczyk.

The stories are read by children, but also by actors and journalists, including Agnieszka Dygant, Szymon Majewski, Piotr Fronczewski, and Beata Pawlikowska. The CD also includes exercises and numerous tasks for learning. The Commissioner for Children’s Rights supported the program, while the clever and interesting education format (including exercises and number games) was provided by experts of the Educational Studies Faculty of Adam Mickiewicz University. ‘The Fairytale Domino Effect’ was available for purchase in RUCH locations and on, but it was also handed out to families traveling on Polish motorways. “In this campaign, education is not the only important thing. There is also the shared family joy produced by listening to these amazing stories. That is why we donated not only the money for the purchase of cardiac monitors for sick Polish children, but also handed out copies of ‘The Fairytale Domino Effect’ to drivers traveling with children,” says President of the Autostrada Wielkopolska II SA Management Board Robert Nowak.

The Domino Effect is the name of the project and the TV show presenting dramatic human problems in various parts of the world to Polish audiences.
“Kulczyk Foundation uses its top knowledge of management and social investments to initiate real social change. Our activity sees one domino put the other ones in motion. We streamline our procedures for running efficient business as they can form the basis for effective social initiatives in the domain of non-governmental work. This is how we understand the true meaning of responsible business,” explains Dominika Kulczyk.

The Radio ZET Foundation brings aid to those in the most need and the most helpless – children with heart conditions. It funds the operations for these children, most of whom suffer from the most serious heart diseases, like missing ventricles. The Foundation also promotes innovative methods for the treatment of heart conditions in children and purchases state-of-the-art equipment for hospitals. In 2015, it wants to equip the Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Łódź – one of the biggest children’s hospitals in Poland with the best possible references – with innovative equipment to monitor the work of the little hearts.

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