The beginning of the Foundation’s operations

12 February 2014
Current events

Kulczyk Foundation is a family initiative aimed at providing extensive support to aid projects which benefit the victims of natural disasters as well as the poorest regions in the world.

The foundation is headed by Dominika Kulczyk, the founder and vice president of Green Cross Poland. The activity of Kulczyk Foundation was officially launched on 11 February at the Iluzjon theater in Warsaw. The event included a screening of the first episode of ‘The Domino Effect,’ a documentary series produced together with TVN.

“Our mission is to provide smart help, which is not limited to financial support but also includes knowledge sharing and designating proven and effective solutions. We reach the poorest countries in the world and, together with local non-governmental organizations, carry out specific aid programs. This approach lets us initiate realistic and long-term improvements,” says the president of the Foundation’s management board, Dominika Kulczyk.

The official start of the foundation’s operations took place on 11 February at the Iluzjon theatre in Warsaw. The event was attended by more than 200 guests from the worlds of culture and business as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations and volunteers. It also included a screening of the first episode of the documentary series ‘The Domino Effect.’ The first episode will be aired on 2 March on TVN.

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