The 30th anniversary of SOS Children’s Villages

30 May 2014
Current events

On 30 May, Surrogate Parenthood Day, the SOS Children’s Village in Biłgoraj officially celebrated its 30th anniversary. Over its three decades of operations, the village has given shelter to 275 children. Many of them are now self-reliant adults with their own families, but they still consider the village their true home. This home is now in need of extensive renovation to improve the living standards for future generations of children. This is being made possible thanks to the funds provided by Kulczyk Foundation.

“I recently paid a visit to the SOS Children’s Village in Biłgoraj and met the family of Ms. Jadzia, who takes care of 7 children. Ms. Jadzia has been working at the village for 14 years and gives her children a real home full of love and warmth. Many of her children are now grown up and on their own. I want to encourage all people who care about the fate of orphaned children to help the Association keep carrying out its mission at the same level for another 30 years,” said Kulczyk Foundation founder and president Dominika Kulczyk.

“The SOS Children’s Village in Biłgoraj is the oldest such village in Poland. It was built in the 1970s and has already raised three generations of children. The homes occupied by SOS Families are in need of various repairs, including new roofs and windows and thermally insulated foundations, to keep giving shelter to children in need. The renovations are very expensive and our Association is looking for people with big hearts to help us finance the necessary repairs. We are very grateful to Dominika Kulczyk and Kulczyk Foundation for all their help. In the name of the children who live in Biłgoraj, I thank you very much for this wonderful gift on the 30th anniversary of our presence in Poland,” said the president of the SOS Children’s Villages in Poland Management Board, Barbara Rajkowska.

The village will be renovated with funds provided by Kulczyk Foundation. It will cost PLN 300,000, all of which will go towards modernizing the infrastructure of the oldest SOS Children’s Village in Poland.

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