Philippines – The Domino Effect

Cangumbang, region Visayas, Philippines
2 March 2014
Domino effect

Dominika Kulczyk and the TVN film crew arrived in the Philippines just one month after the Haiyan typhoon, the most powerful typhoon in history to make landfall. The natural disaster claimed the lives of thousands, and it destroyed everything in its path, cutting many cities off from the world and leaving behind damage which the country has not yet been able to deal with. In order to rebuild people’s homes, the land first needs to be cleared of the rubble and put back in order.

This is precisely what the volunteers of the All Hands Volunteers organization are busy with in the Philippines. Among them was a Polish girl, Iga, whom Dominika Kulczyk encountered. Another exciting meeting was with 24-year old Elsa from the USA, who had constructed an Evacuation Center in Tacloban one year prior. The Center provided safe shelter to all the inhabitants of the village when the typhoon struck the area in November. We kindly invite you to watch the episode from the Philippines available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-1,filipiny,S00E01,26981.html

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