Opening of ‘Wspólny Stół’

Poland, Poznań
19 August 2015
Current events

We help to help. This time, we helped Fundacja Pomocy Wzajemnej ‘Barka” (the ‘Barka’ Mutual Aid Foundation) open a restaurant. Maria Sadowska, the daughter of the founders of Barka, gathered several people together to open a new beautiful location in Poznań at Rynek Śródecki 6:‘Wspólny Stół’ (‘Common Table’). This venture brings together three passions: a love of food, of nature, and mainly of people.

‘Barka’ helps the excluded return to the job market. People who are not in demand by employers due to their age, addiction status, or criminal record have found their opportunity for a good life.

Besides professional chefs, the restaurant also employs students and the Foundation’s volunteers. The profits go to salaries and for employee training.
The social cooperative’s mission is to help those with an exceptionally difficult situation on the job market. It professionally activates people who have been out of work for a long time, especially those who have been rejected by the market. It reactivates people who are unqualified, recovering addicts, and people aged 50 and over. The cooperative also wants to start an ecology education program. There are plans for workshops and meetings.

The ‘Wspólny Stół’ restaurant features meals prepared with ecological ingredients from a farm owned by ‘Barka’ in Chudobczyce. The products ensure that the meals are tasty and healthy, served in a homey atmosphere, at a shared table.

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