Nicaragua – The Domino Effect

Paso, Nikaragua
30 March 2014
Domino effect

The aim of Dominika Kulczyk’s journey to Nicaragua is to help the non-governmental organization Bridges to Prosperity reconstruct Paso Real Bridge. The organization is involved in the construction of bridges in several countries worldwide. It acts in those places where the geographical isolation of people is one of the drivers of local poverty; as a consequence, these populations have limited access to education and healthcare.

The bridge to be constructed as part of the initiative will be one of the longest and most expensive ones built by Bridges to Prosperity in Nicaragua. It will enable the local community to get access to places and institutions which had so far been out of their reach. Dominika Kulczyk, along with volunteers and local residents, will be doing construction work. Bridges to Prosperity has received financial support from Kulczyk Foundation. We kindly invite you to watch the episode from Nicaragua available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-5,nikaragua,S01E05,28367.html

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