Memories of Father Jan Góra

23 December 2015
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Goodbye, Father. We will continue to pilgrimage to Lednica to see God and you. Father Jan Góra, the man who greeted us in Lednica when we approached the Fish Gate, died yesterday.

He was of the Dominican order, a Blackfriar, appointed by God to the great task of establishing Lednica 2000, a series of meetings of deeply religious, wise, and thoughtful youth from Poland and all over the world. I remember when we welcomed the year 2000 together with Father Góra in the Home of St. Hyacinth he created on Jamna Street. When Father Góra joked that the conditions were less than ideal, I said: Father, I don’t care about that, I come here for spiritual purposes. Now, as the years have gone by, I know that this is the top standard, one that should be a fixed part of our lives, as it is established by spirituality, which no object can replace. My recently deceased Dad supported the work of Father Jan Góra and I am doing the same. Let’s remember that the brilliant Blackfriar has trusted us to care for the Lednica Fields, which are very close to God.

Goodbye, Father, our Priest. We will definitely meet again when we cross the Fish Gate on the first Saturday of June, like we do every year.
Dominika Kulczyk

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