Madagascar – The Domino Effect

Hovatraha, Madagascar
9 March 2014
Domino effect

The next destination Dominika Kulczyk visited was Madagascar. For many, this island is the epitome of paradise, with the sun, beautiful beaches, and unique flora and fauna. However, there is another side of Madagascar: It is one of the poorest countries in the world, with insufficient road infrastructure, healthcare and access to education. Azafady is a non-governmental organization which has been active locally for 20 years and so the Kulczyk Foundation decided to support it financially.

Dominika Kulczyk will assist in completely renovating of one of the schools located in the small village of Hovatraha in southern Madagascar. The work will last for one week since walls need to be torn down, a robust ceiling and roof need to be constructed, and the classrooms require desks. Most of the work will be conducted by volunteers cooperating with the Azafady organization. They emphasize that anyone can join the project and improve life in the local community. We kindly invite you to watch the episode from Madagascar available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-2,madagaskar,S01E02,27608.html

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