Laos – The Domino Effect

TVN, 11:00
26 April 2015
Domino effect

In Laos, there are 2 doctors for every 10,000 people. In many regions, including barely accessible mountainous areas, there is virtually no medical aid available. One of these sites will be visited by Dominika Kulczyk and the TVN crew. There, Kulczyk Foundation, headed by Dominika Kulczyk, is going to provide funding for a project that will enable several thousand people get access to healthcare. The foundation supports transparent non-governmental organizations because they know best about what needs local communities have, and how to spend donated funds in the most efficient way. One such organization is the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation, an American organization established by a scientist from California, Luc Janssens. The organization’s first medical mission to Laos took place in 2006. We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-3,S02E03,50168.html

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