Jan Kulczyk Scholarships

18 November 2015

On Wednesday, 18 November, 50 Ukrainian students from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań received Jan Kulczyk Scholarships. Exactly one year earlier, they were awarded by the man himself and his daughter. This time, it was Dominika Kulczyk alone, accompanied by a portrait of her late father, who was thanking the young Ukrainian adults for their engagement in science and wishing for their dreams to come true.

“I am very happy that these young Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to create a better and free Ukraine, a society of wise and strong people, thanks to the knowledge obtained here,” said Kulczyk Foundation President Dominika Kulczyk. The family foundation designated PLN 150,000 for this year’s program. “This is about helping young citizens of Ukraine have a future impact on building a truly civic community in their country, our friend and neighbor, by supporting their scientific and life dreams. The scholarships are the first domino piece, which can put other ones into motion and produce positive changes sooner,” representatives of Kulczyk Foundation explained.

Kulczyk Foundation uses its top knowledge in management and social investments to initiate real social change, mainly in the parts of the world where beneficiaries have no way to improve the quality of their lives on their own. The objective of Kulczyk Foundation is to build sustainable mechanisms to change reality, but also to involve the local communities. “Our activity sees one piece of domino put other ones in motion. We streamline our procedures for running efficient business as they can form the basis for effective social initiatives in the domain of non-governmental work. This is how we understand the true meaning of responsible business,” explains Kulczyk Foundation President and member of Kulczyk Investments Management Board Dominika Kulczyk.

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