Georgia – The Domino Effect

Tbilisi, Georgia
23 March 2014
Domino effect

This time, Dominika Kulczyk and the TVN crew head to Tbilisi, Georgia. This is where Caritas Georgia, an independent non-governmental organization, is active under the leadership of head priest Krzysztof Kowal. It is due to his initiative that the first 24-hour day-care center/overnight shelter in the country has been established for children working and living on the street. Most of the children come from very poor families. They are forced to work and frequently beaten and abused, especially when they are not able to bring in the expected amounts of money.

Now, thanks to the new 24-hour center run by Caritas Georgia, these children will be able to find a safe shelter where they can spend the night. Kulczyk Foundation is providing financial support for Caritas Georgia and has been actively taking part in the renovation and furnishing of the shelter. Dominika Kulczyk is engaged in the work together with volunteers, some of whom are Poles. We kindly invite you to watch the episode available in Polish at:,1991/odcinek-4,gruzja,S01E04,28092.html

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