Ecce Homo – Gloria Homini

23 October 2014
Current events

Kulczyk Foundation president and Green Cross Poland vice president Dominika Kulczyk is the winner of the ‘Ecce Homo – Gloria Homini’ award (in English: ‘Behold the man – Glory to the man’) given by Fundacja Dzieciom ‘Zdążyć z Pomocą’ (Foundation for children ‘Help on time’), the organizer of the Professor Zbigniew Religa contest. The medal rewards involvement in charity, ecological, and social activities and the promotion of volunteering.

The ceremony, which took place on 23 October 2014 at Prymasowski Palace in Warsaw, honored prominent physicians, rehabilitation therapists, and health care establishments which fight for the lives and health of children in Poland. There were also some additional distinctions – the special Professor Zbigniew Religa medals, the ‘Ecce Homo – Gloria Homini’ medals, and the ‘Goodness, Truth, Beauty’ statue.

The winners of these awards included Professor Religa’s widow, Professor Anna Wajszczuk-Religa; the president of Polish Television, Juliusz Braun; and Krzysztof Rak, the author of the script for the movie ‘Bogowie.’

“After a moment of surprise and honest joy comes the reflection that you can never do enough to gain esteem in the eyes of others. There is always more you can do for people and the world. This award is an obligation that I am grateful for,” said Dominika Kulczyk.

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