Dominika Kulczyk on volunteering

University of Gdańsk
10 April 2014

Kulczyk Foundation founder and President Dominika Kulczyk met in Gdańsk with journalism and political science students. The creator of ‘The Domino Effect’ TV show discussed the role and objectives of volunteering.

The meeting, which took place on 10 April at the Social Studies Faculty of the University of Gdańsk, was also attended by Kamil Ewertowski, a volunteer for the Polish Center for International Aid, a KF partner.

The Foundation’s active members discussed their experiences from numerous international aid projects. They also talked about the basics of volunteer work and how to get involved in helping those in need. The journalism and political science students talked with Dominika Kulczyk about the opportunities and challenges facing people who want to provide social aid. The speech was also attended by official representatives of the University of Gdańsk.

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