Kulczyk Foundation

Kulczyk Foundation was established in 2013 by Grażyna Kulczyk, dr Jan Kulczyk and Dominika Kulczyk who gave the idea for the Foundation and became its President. The objective of the Foundation is helping the poorest people by supporting transparent and efficient development projects in Poland and abroad. Through education, Kulczyk Foundation draws the attention of people and enterprises to the fact that helping the poorer countries and communities is one of the important means of development on the global scale. The Foundation helps the non-governmental organizations to operate professionally, increase their effectiveness and expand operations. It delivers not only financial support but also the know-how to efficiently change the reality.

Our team:
Dominika Kulczyk – President of the Foundation
Marta Schmude – Managing Director

Office Administration:
Karolina Dusio - Office Director
Zofia Jankowska - "Pracownia Efektu Domina" Assistant 
Paweł Szymkowiak - Data Protection Officer
Education Department:
Marta Tomaszewska - Educational Projects Director
Anna Samsel - Educational Projects Coordinator
Dorota Szkodzińska - Educational Projects Coordinator
"Żółty Talerz" Program Department:
Wioleta Szafryna - "Żółty Talerz" Program Director
Agnieszka Szewczyk – “Żółty Talerz" Program Specialist
Projects Department:
Anna Frankowska - Projects Director
Katarzyna Jankowiak - Projects Coordinator
Anna Gajewska - Projects Specialist
Małgorzata Lewandowska - Projects Specialist
Social Projects Department: 
Beata Kopyt - Social Projects Director
Marketing & PR Department:
Mateusz Roszak – Marketing & ePR Coordinator
Dominika Majchrzak - Marketing Coordinator
Michał Grobelny - PR Coordinator

The foundation board:
Sebastian Kulczyk - Chairman of the Board
Waldemar Dąbrowski
Janusz Reiter
Grzegorz Stanisławski

about us


Our goal is to identify efficient solutions to social problems, in order to improve the situation of those in need.


Helping others should be entirely professional and efficient, with the continuous focus on all the values uniting the people.


We help those who help others by introducing best business practices to the world of philanthropy.

annual report

100% otrzymanych środków przekazujemy realizującym je organizacjom pozarządowym, dbając o transparentne oraz rzetelne rozliczanie tych darowizn. Fundacja powstała w lipcu 2013 roku, a jej uroczysta inauguracja miała miejsce 11 lutego 2014 roku.

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