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support for education

support for education

humanitarian aid

humanitarian aid




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support for education

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humanitarian aid

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current events

The Domino Effect’s Workshop was launched with an international debate

1.5 million meals and 10 million zlotys this year: Yellow Plate helps nourish Polish children!

Patron of the World’s Cultureh

Kulczyk Foundation sets a new Global Ethical Standard

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domino effect

India – The Domino Effect

Bangladesh - The Domino Effect

Rwanda - The Domino Effect

The project of “THE DOMINO EFFECT” awarded at the Chicago International Television Festival!

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Two beloved schools of Dominika Kulczyk

A record number of teachers attending the Experts’ Forum organized by Kulczyk Foundation, and the premiere of new lesson plans!

A competition for Dr. Jan Kulczyk scholarship

Dominika Kulczyk named as „Friend of a School 2017”

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Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk have joined the campaign of Polish Olympic medalist to save a boy with a tumor

Celebrities read Wise Tales

Kulczyk and Trzebiatowska tell stories

There is no war here - report

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The issues covered in the TV series “Efekt Domina” (The Domino Effect) serve as the starting point for Kulczyk Foundation’s educational projects. The materials were prepared to provide considerable assistance in educating children.

The structure of this assistance is very specific. „Wiem. Czuje… Pomagam!” is the foundation for conveying an important message to students: despite cultural differences, different skin colours, different climate zones and different history, there is more uniting us than dividing us. We all want to be happy, we all have dreams, and we all want to develop according to universal human rights. This message teaches children to understand those they previously perceived as strangers, to feel compassion, and to gain understanding of the situations of others.

for school

yellow plate

Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk have dedicated PLN 4 million to the children’s nutrition program, which is carried out together with the five biggest assistance organizations in Poland. This is an unprecedented alliance in our country and the start of the first Polish social consortium on such a scale. Yellow Plate means one million meals for Polish children!

Our goals:

  1. More well-nourished children in Poland;
  2. Better and healthy food for children;
  3. Easier access to knowledge about healthy eating;
  4. Mobilization of adults to provide help with nourishing the children.
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The mission of this venture is to support projects of maximum effectiveness which have clear goals and measurements of success. The criteria against which the commission evaluates include the projects’s long-term results and its anticipated social change. The goal is to promote a wise approach to social initiatives. The Kulczyk Foundation cares about raising awareness of how important it is in social initiatives to build lasting mechanisms of change.

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about the foundation

Kulczyk Foundation

Kulczyk Foundation was established in 2013 by Grażyna Kulczyk, dr Jan Kulczyk and Dominika Kulczyk who gave the idea for the Foundation and became its President. The objective of the Foundation is helping the poorest people by supporting transparent and efficient development projects in Poland and abroad. Through education, Kulczyk Foundation draws the attention of people and enterprises to the fact that helping the poorer countries and communities is one of the important means of development on the global scale. The Foundation helps the non-governmental organizations to operate professionally, increase their effectiveness and expand operations. It delivers not only financial support but also the know-how to efficiently change the reality.

Because what matters most is the human being

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